Friday, June 04, 2004

On Wednesday, five Doctors Without Borders workers were killed in the province of Badghis. The killers rode on motorcycles and Taliban claimed responsibility later in the day. All five employees were part of the Dutch branch of Doctor Without Borders (Artsen Zonder Grenzen).

Hélène de Beir was 28 years old and was assigned to be projectcoordinator. She was from Belgium and she was to turn 30 years old on June 16th. Egil Tynaes was 62 years old and a doctor from Norway. Besmillah was an Afghan hired to be a driver and had worked with DWB since October of last year. Fasil Ahmad was a translator with the DWB team. Pim Kwint was 39 years old and had his own IT-company before he joined DWB. He took care of the logistics. He also had his own blog. This is what he wrote back on January 7th of this year (as translated by me.)

This part of Afghanistan is more stable than the other region which makes you feel safe. So don't worry too worry much. I would like to say, have some patience. Only a "couple" more weeks and I'll be back.
May their senseless deaths not be in vain. Rest in Peace, Hélène, Egil, Besmillah, Fasil, and Pim. Your sacrifices will not be forgotten.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

There's been some buzz about Karzai visiting California next week. He'll be at the Los Angeles World Affairs Council on June 11th. The after that he'll be at the University of California in Davis.