Thursday, May 27, 2004

On March 16th, the much-praised Washington Bureau of Knight Ridder reported on the "Information Collection Program," or ICP, a "U.S.-funded effort to collect intelligence in Iraq" run by the Iraqi National Congress, which is headed by the infamous Ahmed Chalabi. The story was basically that the INC fed the world-press with ICP-information that was known to be false and dubious. All this information was based on a letter send by the INC to the Senate Appropriations Committee titled "Summary of ICP product cited in major English-language news outlets worldwide (October 2001-May 2002)" which listed all the articles and publications in which ICP-information was cited. You can read the list here. If you read the list, you may notice that a man by the name of Christopher Hitchens is cited. Twice, actually.

Hitchens and his editors do readers a great disservice by conveniently failing to disclose that fact in an article published today that defends-—surprise, surprise!—-Ahmed Chalabi. If the charge (that Hitchens published false information provided to him by the INC through the ICP-program) is false, he should say so. But by avoiding the issue, Slate readers are led to believe that Hitchens is Chalabi's personal propagandist.

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