Friday, April 02, 2004

KARZAI'S FASHION SENSE: Apparently, a German fashion designer by the name of Wolfgang Joop praised Karzai's fashion sense. (Via Nathan Hamm.)

President Karzai is a shining example of how a man can maintain the role of a gentleman even while wearing the dress of his ancestors" Joop wrote in an article for Berlin's Der Tagesspiegel newspaper on Thursday.

"Karzai has something that few men and even fewer political leaders have: aura," Joop wrote, saying Karzai's fashionable dress -- a blue and green Afghan "chapan" cloak and lambskin hat -- made him stand out against other leaders in dull dark suits.
His "dress" is actually a multi-ethnic mix of clothes. The chapan is worn by Tajiks in the north; the hat is strictly worn in Kabul and the rest of his attire are from the Pashtun south. Even his clothes are a sign of unity!


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