Wednesday, April 14, 2004

IT TAKES A LOBBYIST OR TWO: This item is from Monday's Roll Call...

"It's been more than a year since Anna Mohamadi heard that the airplane carrying her father, a top official in Afghanistan's government, crashed into the Indian Ocean off the coast of ... Mohamadi refuses to give up hope of finding out exactly why the small, twin-engine jet carrying her father plunged into the ocean on Feb. 24, 2003." Roll Call adds, "When Pakistan's formal probe failed to answer those questions, Mohamadi took the unusual step of hiring two Washington lobbying firms -- Hogan & Hartson and Stonebridge International - to organize an investigation into the crash that killed her father and seven others. ... Mohamadi, who believes that foul play may have been involved in the crash, said she hired the lobbyists because she wants help persuading the American embassy in Karachi to investigate the crash."
Google searches tell me that she graduated from George Mason University. She wrote an article for the Washington Post titled "The Country of Her Father." In it she writes, "I feel betrayed by the reaction of the Afghan government, especially the president, because they have done nothing in the way of leading a search or joining the investigation, and their apathy evokes anger, suspicion and sorrow within me. My hopes for Afghanistan are slowly dying." An understandable reaction from a grieving daughter, even though there is nothing that the Afghan government could do.


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