Wednesday, April 07, 2004

FUMING PAKISTAN WATCH... What did I tell you? Here's a roundup of reactions to Khalilzad's comments regarding Pakistan. The Voice of America:

Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesman Jalil Abbas Jilani on Tuesday called the comments "unwarranted and uncalled for." He says the US diplomat is not aware of the realities on the ground because Pakistani forces have been effectively moving against terrorists linked to the Taleban and al- Qaida terror network.

“Ambassador Khalilzad is perhaps not aware of the position of his own government,” Mr. Jilani said. “The U.S. administration at the highest level has greatly appreciated Pakistan's effort in eliminating and rooting out the terrorist infrastructure and the al-Qaida elements from Pakistan. The other thing is that Pakistan is quite capable of taking firm action against all undesirable elements and does not require any outside assistance,” he added.
There's no doubt that Khalilzad is very hostile in regards to Pakistan. But it's funny reading the infuriated Pakistani response to it. So was today's State Department briefing:
QUESTION: But, I mean, the Ambassador said that the U.S. was prepared to go into Pakistan and physically go after these guys.

MR. ERELI: That's a -- frankly, I think that's an eventuality that unfortunately, we don't have to deal with at this point.

QUESTION: Unfortunately?

MR. ERELI: That fortunately, we don't have to deal with at this point.


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