Tuesday, April 06, 2004

CALM DOWN ZALMAY! YOU'RE IN DC NOW! I went to see the American Ambassador to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad at the Center for Strategic and International Studies on K Street. Khalilzad has always been hostile to Pakistan, because he knows that the Pakistani city of Quetta has become the Taliban's provincial capital. Here's what he said according to the Associated Press:

"We cannot allow this problem to fester indefinitely ... We have told the Pakistani leadership that either they must solve this problem or we will have to do it for ourselves.''
This no doubt will irk the Pakistanis. This isn't the first time either. About two weeks ago, Khalilzad criticized the Pakistanis, and that same day, the spokesperson for the Pakistani Foreign Ministry shot back: "He must not allow his personal predilection to affect Pakistan-U.S. relations. We would like him to be a friend of Pakistan's. We would like him to promote closer Pakistan-U.S. relations by not making such statements, and we are in touch with the State Department." Priceless...

Ps. For those interested, Khalizad will be at the National Press Club tomorrow at 1 PM.


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