Wednesday, March 24, 2004

LOCAL REPORT: From the Herati newspaper Etefaq-e Eslam, published today:

Two horrific incidents took place Sunday afternoon (21 March). The first was an attempt on the life of the leader of jihad, Emir Mohammad Ismail (which was foiled). The second was the killing of Alhaj Mohammad Mirwais Sadeq, the minister of tourism and civil aviation, who was martyred. The attempts were designed by Zaher Nahebzada, (the former commander of Division No 17 in Herat) who is a criminal and a national traitor. All the citizens of Herat had a restless night after these incidents took place. However, the sincere mojahedin of Herat led by the leader of jihad, conquered the Military Division No 17 bravely and gallantly (on Sunday night). Nahebzada escaped, but his coup was foiled.

There is a question which has not been answered: was Nahebzada the only person behind these attempts or was there a bigger plot by the enemies of Afghanistan, and Nahebzada was only the agent of it? When this criminal (Nahebzada) is arrested and has surrendered to the family of martyrs, this question can surely be answered and the plots of all other criminals attempting to destabilize the situation will also be uncovered.

The important issue is that millions of gallant people of Herat, who are the patrons of martyrs, staged a huge demonstration in the city and shouted 'God is great'. In this way they proved that they will continue supporting their high expectations of the jihad and their beloved emir and such incidents can never stop them from doing so. On the contrary, they will step in this path firmly, shout loudly and deal with the enemies of the Afghan people, particularly their own enemies. This is because Emir Mohammad Esmail is not an individual; he is the pioneer of a idea and is a nation himself.

The most tyrannical and criminal aggressors, who committed genocide like Genghis (Khan) never managed to destroy the idea of this nation, for these ideas make history and the ancestors transfer their values (beliefs and desires) to their sons.

Yes, all Afghan people, especially the people of ancient Herat, promise to their beloved emir that they will do their utmost to preserve the holy Islamic values and national sanctities and will never ignore his orders.
Notice the use of "emir" in reference to Ismail Khan. More later on.


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