Monday, March 29, 2004

ISMAIL KHAN'S CALL FOR REVENGE: The local TV-station in Herat broadcasted the funeral of Ismail Khan's son, Mirwais Sadiq. I was provided with a transcript of the March 24 broadcast ...

The mourning ceremony of martyred Alhaj Mirwais Sadeq, the Afghan aviation and tourism minister, and those who accompanied him, was held at the grand mosque of Herat this morning.

The ceremony was attended by thousands of people, officials in charge and representatives of the Afghan Interior Ministry, a delegation from the Northern provinces, the Islamic National Movement of Afghanistan, Farah and from other provinces of Afghanistan.

At the end of the ceremony a memorial service was held, attended by Gen Besmellah Khan (army chief of staff); the esteemed leader of the jihad, Alhaj Emir Mohammad Esmail [That would be Ismail Khan--ed.] (governor of Herat); delegates of the Afghan interior and aviation ministries; Alhaj Mir Abdol Khaleq, deputy governor of Herat; Lt-Gen Baz Mohammad Ahmadi, commander of the Military Corps No 4; employees of the civil and military organizations; diplomats to Herat and thousands of people from Herat.

Initially some verses from the holy Koran were recited. After that Enayatollah Shadab, manager of the Payam-e Mojahed monthly magazine; Mohammad Zia Rafat, spokesman of the Council of Herat; Sayd Mahmud Khaleq, deputy minister of education; and Mowlawi Hebatollah, preacher of the grand mosque of Herat, spoke about the personality and honesty of Mirwais Sadeq, the afghan aviation and tourism minister. They offered their sympathies and condolences to Esmail Khan, his family members and people of Herat.

After that Gen Besmellah Khan, on behalf of the employees of the government, read out a message of condolence and promised that the government would take action against his murderers very soon. Afterwards Col Abdol Rashid, an officer of the Military Corps No 4, and Abdollah Khadem read out their poems regarding the martyrdom of Mirwais Sadeq.

After that Mawlawi Abdol Latif Razi, read out the manifesto of the Council of Ulema, and esteemed Abdol Rezaq Ahmadi, read out the message of the people of Herat regarding the issue. The following was stated in the mentioned manifestos:

1. The planners and designers of the plot must be sentenced clearly.
2. Arresting and bringing to the table of justice the criminals who committed the plot.
3. Their definite support of their beloved emir (Esmail Khan).
4. Assignment of one of the sons of this province as the commander of Division No 17.
5. The security of Herat must be supervised by the sons of this province.
6. Prevention of propaganda and plots against Herat city.

Afterwards the esteemed leader of the jihad, Alhaj Emir Mohammad Esmail started his speech. During this speech he acknowledged the attendance of people at the burial and mourning ceremony of Mirwais Sadeq and his companions and said: "The events of yesterday and today showed that I did not have one Mirwais. I have millions of Mirwais."

He called the martyrdom of Mirwais Sadeq the martyrdom of the son of all the people of Herat and expressed his sympathies and condolences with the people and added: "I wish that the criminals knew why the people loved those youths. I wish they could know how much they were respected by the Muslims. This city gave 40,000 martyrs until the victory was achieved. But the betrayer (Gen) Zaher (Nayebzada) was appointed commander of the Division No 17 freely. He proved that he was not suitable for this position."

During the speech he asked the Afghan leader (President Hamed Karzai) to follow the murderers and bring them to the table of justice. The people announced their support for the leader of the jihad, Alhaj Emir Mohammad Esmail, during this ceremony.
Make of it what you will. But one thing is clear: the attempted assassination of Ismail Khan and his son's death has only emboldened and bolstered "the Emir Of Herat."


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