Saturday, March 06, 2004

HERETIC'S BURIAL: In 1980, the Organization of Islamic Conference held a major summit in Saudi Arabia, in the resort town of Taif. Prince Turki's intelligence service had recentely started to aid the Afghan mujahedin and wanted the conference to condemn Soviet interference in Afghanistan. Ahmed Badeeb, Turki's chief of staff, chose Abdur Rasur Sayyaf to give a speech attacking the Soviet invasion as an affront to Islam. Right before Sayyaf spoke, Yasser Arafat spoke in Moscow's defense. Today, he wants to be buried on the Temple Mount. What Arafat did in Taif may have been only one of the uncountable disgraceful things Arafat has done in his life, but it's reason enough for him to be buried in pigs-skin in Cairo--not Jerusalem.


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