Monday, March 22, 2004

ASSASSINATION? MORE LIKE KIA!: Another interesting bit from today's Times article on Sadiq's assassination.

Attempts had been under way in recent days to dislodge him from his seat of power, Afghan officials said in interviews. Mr. Khan was in Kabul this week and met several times with Mr. Karzai to discuss Mr. Khan's future, and to resolve a lingering dispute over whether Herat was fully sharing with the central government the customs revenues from its lucrative border crossings with Iran. ... Several senior Afghan officials have said recently that they were considering moving Mr. Khan to another province.
Of course! Maybe Karzai can bring Mirwais Sadiq back to life, too!

If we are to believe that Sadiq was killed in factional fighting (and we have no reason not to), it means that Sadiq's death was his very own fault. Leading an advance on the enemy's headquarters isn't the job of an aviation minister.


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