Saturday, March 13, 2004

AFGHAN NATIONAL ARMY: The Voice of America reports on the successful rescue of two kidnapped Turks:

Afghanistan's security forces have rescued two Turkish engineers and their interpreter, who were kidnapped in December. Afghan officials say two kidnappers were killed in the operation and two policemen slightly injured.

Afghan Interior Minister Ali Jalali told reporters the rescue took place before dawn Friday, in a town just south of the capital, Kabul. The captives included two Turkish nationals who had been working on a water project at the time of their abduction.
The remarkable part of this story is the fact that the so-called Afghan "security forces" rescued the two engineers, despite the 20-plus % desertion rate. Both the Afghan National Army (ANA) and the Afghan police force faced large-scale desertions throughout last year because of relentless across-the-border attacks by Taliban. The desertion rate has considerably lowered ever since winter has prevented the Taliban from carrying out attacks.

In a related note, U.S. forces have launched a new operation in the east and south of Afghanistan.


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