Tuesday, February 03, 2004

A TRAGEDY: 244 Muslim pilgrims die during a stampede at a stone-throwing ritual. It's a tragedy, pure and simple. Yes, it has always been a dangerous tradition. Of the billion Muslims in the world, less than 2 million come to make the hajj. The Saudis have set quotas to limit the amount of visitors to prevent these kinds of things. And no, we don't particularly prefer the Saudis as our hosts especially if they don't take responsibility.

You may be uninformed, or not knowledgeable. But Andrew Sullivan and James Taranto are neither. After reading their respective responses, the suggestion that they're just dim-witted might not sound crazy. In fact, it may sound like a mild reply in response to this erroneous and seditious kind of thinking.

Is it culturally insensitive to ask whether there isn't something profoundly awry about a religion that sends so many to their deaths as part of a religious duty?
Does this question merit a response? Neh.


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