Thursday, February 26, 2004

QUREI FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY: An unnamed senior Bush administration official (Condi Rice, is that you?) talks to the Times’ Steven Weisman. Take a look at the important part of the story:

"The withdrawal is a good idea," said the official, in an interview, adding that it presented an opportunity for "an enormous and historic change" in Israel's relations with its neighbors comparable to the 1967 war, the withdrawal from Sinai and the peace accord with Egypt in the 1970's.


Mr. Bush, many American officials say, would also like to hold a joint session with Mr. Sharon hailing what seems to be progress as a way of defusing Democratic criticism that he has been passive on the search for peace.
The message here is very simple: we’re not going to engage the peace process, but can point to Sharon’s withdrawal and the meeting we had with him as progress. The rest of the article describes how magically wonderful it would be if Israel would involve its Arab neighbors. But then again, we’re not actually going to involve ourselves. Lot’s of talk (and good suggestions), but no action.


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