Tuesday, February 10, 2004

FOLLOWING THE VIRGINIA PRIMARY: Just came back from a John Edwards rally at George Mason University in Fairfax. There was a huge crowd and to put it simply, it was an thrilling experience. He truly is an eloquent and an amazing public speaker. He's passionate, gritty and has a sense of humor. He began by saying: "Did you know the economy is just fine? And did you know that a White House representative told us - this is a news bulletin - that outsourcing jobs is a good thing for America? What planet do they live on?" It was followed by laugther and loud applause.

I'm certainly happy that I managed to convince an aunt and two of my cousins to vote for him (Afghan politics and all) tomorrow. Again, all the polls I have seen in the past few days showed Kerry leading very solidly.

Will Virginia Governor Mark Warner be John Kerry's running mate? Kerry and Warner were kickin' it on Sunday when they watched Meet the Press together and they've been friends for a while now. But than again, it's only one of the numerous rumors heard in the past two days (but if I'm right, I deserve to be credited!). Oh, and Kerry is having his primary night party at... George Mason University. I hope I'll make it there.


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