Monday, February 02, 2004

ALOOF YOU SAY? John Kerry is described as "aloof" not once, but twice in one article--and by two different people!From Howard Kurtz's (rather boring) piece in the Post's Style section:

Former Boston Globe columnist David Nyhan, who has known Kerry for 30 years, disagrees. "The knock on Kerry as aloof and distant has been fostered by the conservative media here," he says.
Nyhan himself isn't callling him aloof himself but the use of the word just amazes me. Later on:
Everyone gets their turn in the barrel in this business if they're successful," says Myers, who worked for Bill Clinton when he was hammered 12 years ago over Gennifer Flowers, the draft and Whitewater. The press, she says, will be digging through Kerry's record and complaints "that he doesn't connect with people, that he's aloof, that he's arrogant. It's part of the phenomenon of build-'em-up, tear-'em-down. It's not fair. Is what happened to Howard Dean fair? No."
I'm personally not that excited about a Kerry-candidacy and yes, he may be arrogant or aloof. But it's all about public perspective.

The prospect of a Kerry or Dean candidacy may not have filled me with joy, but the fact that we've got P. Diddy on our side has! According to U.S. News' whispers section, Diddy met with homeboy Terry McAuliffe and agreed to participate in campaigns aimed at the hip-hop youth.

NOTE TO ED GILLESPIE: Calling Kerry more liberal than Ted Kenney or labeling him a "Massachusets liberal" won't do. I know you can do better than that. How about the fact that his wife isn't born American? Or the fact that he's taller than Bush! (Ha!)

MORE ALOOFNESS: Slate's Kevin Arnovitz was nice enough to let his 80-year old grandfather know that there are candidates besides Joementum Lieberman. In his conclusion, we find this description:
Leon has been leaning Edwards since Iowa. He likes the way the local boy articulates and handles himself, finds him alive where Clark seems sleepy and Kerry, on occasion, aloof. That hasn't changed. Leon recognizes the lousy format and insists that Edwards made lemonade out of lemons.

PROMISE: More people being quoted as calling Kerry "aloof." (Plus: a definition of "aloof" for the less informed.)


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