Wednesday, January 21, 2004

WHAT A LOFTY STATE OF THE UNION! I rather enjoyed the State of the Union, although I was dissappointed that the President didn't address the use of re-plays in football. Everybody knows that steroids are bad, but what's his position on re-plays? Maybe he isn't that a football fan. The critique by Wapo' Style columnist is quite humerous too.

Often the words of the speech were written to sound lofty, but Bush had such a big Christmas-morning grin on his face that they came out sounding like taunts -- taunts to the rest of the world or taunts to Democrats in the hall.

The dividing line between the parties has rarely appeared so graphic. Republicans on one side of the House chamber couldn't scramble to their feet fast enough to give Bush his obligatory standing ovations. He probably would have gotten one if he'd sneezed. The speech was pretty much so-so, and Bush's gung-ho delivery -- something approaching the forced jollity of a game show host -- lacked dignity and certainly lacked graciousness. Bush has never been big on those things anyway.
Read the rest for some interesting media critique too.


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