Thursday, January 15, 2004

LESSON IN OBJECTIVITY: Has Daniel Pipes been bumped from the New York Post? His last article dates back to October of last year. Since than, his rant have been appearing in the New York Sun and on the right-wing site Worldnetdaily. This time, Pipes gives us a French lesson. And a quite odd one too.

At issue are Senator Tom Harkin's objections to Pipes' appointment to the U.S. Institute for Peace. A short excerpt from Senator Harkin's speech:

From the deepest part of my body I strongly disagree with Pipes when he says that the very fact of enfranchisement, affluence and assimilation will somehow threaten our values. The opposite is true. They have taken on our American values and have become American Muslims, just like other minorities who have come to this country. They brought their religions. They brought their customs. But they have Americanized.
Pipes -- surprise! surprise! -- disagrees strongly. "Muslims assimilate and integrate into American society! Ha!" He tries to refute Harkin by offering an account of Muslim anti-Semitism.... in France! Harkin, of course, wasn't talking about French Muslims (who, arguably, have failed where American Muslims have succeeded.) It's fair to say that Pipes' attack actually makes Senator Harkin's case stronger, since Pipes fails to bring up evidence of anything similar to the situation in France, or any Jewish resentment in the U.S. for that matter.

Speaking of Jews in the U.S., the annual Survey of American Jewish Opinion has found that American Jews still overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party. Jews chose any Democrat over Bush in a 71 to 24 margin. Meryl Yourish has an account of what Pipes had to say on this specific subject back in October.:
On American Jews: Pipes said what he calls (or what has been called) the Golden Age of American Jewry is fast closing, because there is now a Muslim and Islamist presence in America that sees itself in opposition to the Jews.... This, Pipes said, is something that American Jews have not seen beforeā€”an organized group with a specifically anti-Jewish bent... Pipes said that liberals are no longer friendly to Jewish causes. The more to the left you go, the more you see a pro-Palestinian, pro-Islam, anti-American outlook. He said the evangelical right is most in tune with the Jews, and that Jewish organizations need to retool their associations. "There's a train coming down the tracks, and most American Jewish institutions are not seeing it," he said.
Something's missing here and I'm guessing it's the train.


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