Friday, January 23, 2004

HELPING THE RUSHDIE-WANNABE CAUSE: For someone who's book hasn't been reviewed positively anywhere respected, she's getting more than enough attention to help her book sales. (Ranked #158 at Amazon.) The Post takes up the cause for Irshad Manji. One of the best rebuttals are buried in the second to last paragraph:

Her critics say the book is simplistic, and that Manji does not have the academic credentials to criticize Islam. "The Trouble with Islam? I think Ms. Manji used the wrong title," said Mohamed Elmasry, national president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, a non-government organization that represents most of the 600,000 Muslims in Canada. "The book should be entitled: the trouble in the life of Irshad Manji. The book is a personal account of a young lady struggling with her religion, which is common among Muslims and non-Muslims. She is not a specialist to advocate Muslims should revise their religion and holy book. It is not credible."

Elmasry said the Canadian Muslim community did not want to overreact. "We did not treat her like the British Muslim community treated Salman Rushdie," he said. "We ignored her book."

Irshad defends her work. She rejects the argument that she is projecting her personal baggage onto Islam. "It has nothing to do with blaming my father's violence on Islam," she says. "These are distractions at best. People are afraid it will be taken seriously."
It's a shame that even the Post is pandering to Manji's victimhood mentality.


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