Tuesday, January 20, 2004

AFGHAN VOICE ENDORSEMENT: Eager to know my choice for President? There are two. The New Republic convinced me to support John Edwards. His website notes the following:

Secure Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, Edwards believes we must expand the size and scope of an international peacekeeping force beyond Kabul.

Edwards was one of the first Senators to visit Afghanistan after the Taliban was forcibly removed from power, meeting with US troops and visiting other nations and leaders in the region.
Also, read Ezra Klein:
His campaign storyline; triumphing through positivity and a determined reluctance to engage in dirty politics, is immensely powerful. I'm watching his speech and it is terrific -- his policies make sense, his message is unbelievably effective and his story makes him an extraordinary contrast to Bush. I always liked him but he never seemed able to gain traction. Now that he is a real contender it's tough not to rethink my preferences.

The second candidate I support is Wesley Clark mainly because of his military background. He's the only one who can beat Bush on national security. This is what Clark said briefly after 9/11:
This isn't about Afghanistan, it's certainly not even about the bombing of the World Trade Centres and the Pentagon, it's really about the struggle for the heart and soul of Islam and how states can meet the needs of their people, what kind of world we want to live in and so I think that's the basis on which a very broad and powerful coalition can be built and has to be built.
His website notes the following:
Afghanistan is struggling... We probably need to put more forces in and put a renewed effort in Afghanistan. We've got half of the United States Army physically on the ground in the Persian Gulf dealing with the situation in Iraq, which is a distraction from the war on terror.
In addition to that, a friend of mine who's a veteran who served in Lebanon, was behind one of the early Draft Clark movements. His opinion means a lot to me.


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