Sunday, December 07, 2003

SULLIVAN WELCOMES KILLING OF MUSLIMS: I never realized that Andrew Sullivan regularly writes for the Washington Times--better known as the "Moonie Times" because of its infamous owner. But thanks to the good people of Sullywatch and Bob Somerby, I found my way to last Friday's op-ed by Sully. But Sully's standard, many liberals, is so low that it's not an odd thing to be dissappointed after reading him. This time, however, the dissappointment is stranger than usual. Or more hateful and uglier than usual.

It might seem odd, but this past week has made me more optimistic about the chances of success in Iraq. I didn't see it that way at first, because the news of the Ramadan suicide bombing campaign seemed so dispiriting. But, onreflection, thesehideous murders mark a new era. For the first time, the Islamist forces of terror are targeting Arabs. They are targeting innocent civilians in Iraq; and they are doing so with no concern for any religious propriety or military decency. They have bombed mosques and the International Red Cross. At some point, Iraqis will see something that was obscured before. These terrorists are the enemies of Arab self-government, of Arab democracy, of Arab freedom and of Islam itself. While they targeted Western targets and murdered Westerners, this truth was obscured. Now it isn't. Iraqis are beginning to see this more clearly; and the free press in that country will help illuminate it even more.
Hey, Roger Simon, who's being the pro-fascist now?

Anyway, the basic message: "Muslims need to experience the terror that we poor Jews, Christians and atheists experience. That'll teach 'em." Yeah... because oppression by their own governments for, well, as long as they've lived, isn't enough right? Oh, and the piece is titled "Reasons to be cheerful." Disgusting, indeed. Sullivan has managed to get himself on the same-level as those who sent this guy hate-mail because of his sexuality.


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