Sunday, December 07, 2003

SECULAR EXTREMISM: I can't understand the amount of crap coming from France. A 12 year old girl was expelled for--get this--insisting to wear clothes "of ostentatious religious sign on purpose to harass her colleagues, which runs counter to the secular nature of the school." Furthermore, Jacques Chirac said there's "something aggressive" about the hijab. Oh, and it's also "ostentatious [sic] signs of religious proselytism." Edit your dictionaries, people.

Hijab: weapon of harassment; agressive; sign of religious proselytism

Al-Muhajabah has an excellent response. Kudos, once again. Makes your blood boil, doesn't it? If the Muslim ghettos in France start to riot, it'll be for the good. A fatwa will do some good too.

UPDATE: Say shalom to Grand Rabbi Joseph Sitruk! Kudos to the Rabbi for opposing militant secularism.


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