Monday, December 29, 2003

RAMADAN'S THE REAL DEAL: Time to catch up with Tariq Ramadan, the man who's supposed to satisfy those calling for Islamic "reformation" yet is bitterly hated. I stumbled on to this Voice of America article, which describes a debate between Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen, and Tariq Ramadan.

Mr. Kaci says Mr. Ramadan's claims to advocate a modern, moderate interpretation of Islam are only for Western consumption. The politician says when Mr. Ramadan speaks to young Muslims living in Europe his message is exactly the opposite.

Indeed, Mr. Ramadan's remarks offer support for critics and supporters alike. He blasts the French government for trying to cut French Muslims off from their religious heritage, for example, by barring girls from wearing headscarves at public schools. At the same time, he tells French Muslims to integrate into French society.
The sad thing is that this is their best shot: Ramadan opposes the French government's decision to ban scarves and "other" religious symbols at public schools which makes him, his opponents say, an extremist. I've taken a look around the web but I haven't seen a single columnist critical of Islam (or militant Islam for that matter) to also denounce the decision. No, not even Miss (or is it Mrs.?) West.

Speaking of the "critics" of Islam, Jesse Taylor (who, strangly, still hasn't been offered a job by anyone) wrote this not to long ago:
hat I wonder, however, is how the Franco/Islamophobes (they're the same thing, y'know) will reply to this. It's it's bad. But they're punishing it's good. They're punishing Jews and Christians, it's bad. But they're trying to stop anti-Semitism by clamping down on it's good.

Eh. Just flip a coin. Heads, Muslims suck, tails, the French suck. Such hard decisions when your hate of everyone comes into conflict with your hate of everyone else...
The man's a genius. By the way, the same goes for the Crusades. Sure, they kept Europe from being Muslim and speaking Arabic, but they also killed all the Jews they could find along the way. Flip a coin again?

NOTE: Ramadan has captured my "heart and mind" too, I can say. I ordered myself his book as a Christmas gift. If you're reading this at a bookstore, go take a look at page 29. It has a nice chart on the different kind of Salafis. It's the only chart on Islam that I've found helpful.


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