Wednesday, December 24, 2003

THE LOYA JIRGA: It seems like Hamid Karzai has proved himself to be an excellent power-broker. Uhm, Or not. So either Karzai has shamelessly adopted to the current culture of corruption... or is still weak and defiantly opting to have the U.S. as his only ally. I don't know, but I'd bet on the latter. Consider the following from the same Washington Times article that argues how great Karzai is:

"This is a short-term strategy," said Vikram Parekh of the International Crisis Group, an independent think tank. "It doesn't give him long-term political support, and it doesn't build a representative political system...
I currently have an uncle in residening in Kabul temporarily whom I'm have contact with. More on this soon.

In other news, some Afghan newspapers are reporting that President Bush has agreed to visit Kabul after Karzai spoke to him on the phone. Just a rumor and unconfirmed. But reporting it here in just in case...


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