Friday, December 05, 2003

ISLAM WILL DESTROY THE LEFT: I found this rather strange denounciation of the anti-war people as "pro-fascists" by Roger Simon, who than changes course a bit and says:

What is presently going on in Europe is the hijacking of the left by the Islamic cause, an Alice-in-Wonderland inversion of reality considering Islam's institutionalized oppression of women and homosexuals, once mainstays of the left (not to mention the separation of church and state, etc.). People here who support the European left are essentially agreeing, or at least acquiescing, with this, whether they like or not. It is time to face reality, folks. That's why I used such a harsh (and, yes, insulting) term as "pro-fascist."
I don't know if it's me, but I don't quite understand what point is being made.

The blog being linked to is called "Belmont Club." The author touches upon the subject of Tariq Ramadan's admission to the European Social Forum--a moderate Muslim joining the ranks of the Left is horrific, of course--which, according to the author, translates into the overtaking of the left by Islam. (The author put it more bluntly: the Left is "staring up at a patch of ceiling from the bottom of an Islamic dustbin.")

And evidence of all this? Tariq. Ramadan. His grandfather was the founder of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and his brother is somehow linked to an al-Qaeda financier, which makes Ramadan an evil radical. Not quite so. He's an outspoken critic of anti-Semitism and calls for the integration of disaffected Muslim populations in Europe. Recently, he criticized a number of Jewish intellectuals and one non-Jewish intellectual (an half-assed attack, I admit) for supporting the war in Iraq.

Deride the European left all you want, although I find it a waste of time. I have one question, however: How does the admission of Ramadan, a renowned reformist, at an anti-globalism conference translate into support of the "oppression of women and homosexuals." Had there been posters of Osama bin Laden or Mohammad Atta all over the place, than I'd have agreed with you. But that wasn't the case.

NOTE: Ramadan sees a concern for the rights of the poor as integral to Islam, which also prohibits interest-bearing loans, such as those from the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. This train of thought is the one that leads Ramadan to be active in Europe's antiglobalization movement.

Furthermore, in the wake of the controversy three Socialist Party leaders disowned their collaboration with Ramadan in the antiglobalization movement, writing in Le Nouvel Observateur that Ramadan preached hate and echoed the rhetoric of far-right leader Jean-Marie LePen, a stance only to accomodate political correctness.

As for the accuastion of him being connected to Al-Qaeda: the Swiss government has cleared him of suspicion and Ramadan has continued to condemn terrorism.


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