Sunday, December 07, 2003

HE DOESN'T WANT MONEY: How do you know when people haven't listened to hip-hop? When they claim that Eminem is threathening the President's life. These are the alleged lyrics:

Fuck money/
I don't rap for dead presidents/
I'd rather see the president dead/
"Dead presidents" refers to the dead Presidents on bills, hence "fuck money." Get it? There's a group called "Dead Prez" and another called "Dead Presidents." Dead Prez raps about the white order and how to defeat it. (They actually called Bush as bad as bin Laden.) Dead Presidents raps mostly about pimping, hos and bitches. And how to make money, of course.

Stick to blogging about how Howard Dean is an appeaser to the Islamofascists and how liberals are destroying this country. It's amusing enough.


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