Friday, December 05, 2003

GENEVA ACCORDS: My thoughts on the Geneva Accords: The most common misconception about the Accords is that it’s a replacement of the (currently half-dead) Roadmap, but it’s not. The Accords are complimentary to the Roadmap and it serves as the final plan which resolves all the issues that Oslo didn’t touch—Jerusalem, the refugees, the borders, etc. This is what I said a while ago:

You need to deal with the issues and root causes. The current roadmap lacks a destination. Freeze the settlements? Alright. Ending terrorism? Of course. So what comes next? What about Jerusalem? How do the millions of refugees end up? How are you going to deal with the wall? What are the borders going to be? How are we going to guarantee to security? If none of these issues are addressed, we're going to end up in destination "unknown”… If issues aren't solved, you are left with a process without substance and a roadmap to nowhere.
The Accords simply add the missing piece of the puzzle—and a (previously missing) destination for the Roadmap.


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