Wednesday, December 24, 2003

CUTE CHRIS: Avid readers know I'm an, well, avid Hitchens-basher. But in his latest piece for Slate, Hitchens... commits the ultimate sin.

Then it would be nice if Gen. Ariel Sharon was asked to declare his own stocks of nuclear weapons and was questioned rather closely about what contribution they make to regional security. For a start, where was Israel thinking of using such devices and under what circumstances? In the war against jihad, Israeli nuclear weapons are even more useless than our own. Precision-guided munitions, which take out the tyrant and spare the population, are the wave of the future.
Hitchens argues that it was the war on Iraq that convinced the Colonel to side with the good guys. Recent history argues differently. The Colonel has been trying to join the international community for the past 10 years. He handed over the two Libyan agents responsible for the Pan Am bombing to Scotland (who prosected the two in a Scottish court in Zeist, the Netherlands) and repayed its victims.

Back to Chris. I like his reference to Sharon as General. It's cute.


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