Monday, November 03, 2003

THREE HOORAYS FOR THE WASHINGTON POST: In addition to being the only newspaper that has its eye on the ball (the ball being Afghanistan, of course), it's now publishing editorials on Pakistan's continued support for the Taliban--from inside Pakistan. And they're quoting Ahmed Rashid:

THE PAKISTANI CITY of Quetta lately has become more than a provincial capital; it might also be described as the new headquarters of the extremist Taliban movement, which ruled Afghanistan and sheltered Osama bin Laden until two years ago. According to one recent report by the respected Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid, "Thousands of Taliban fighters reside in mosques and madrassas with the full support of a provincial ruling party and militant Pakistani groups. Taliban leaders wanted by the U.S. and Kabul governments are living openly in nearby villages." Mr. Rashid quoted the provincial government's information minister as saying, "Only the Taliban can constitute the real government of Afghanistan." During a recent visit, The Post's John Lancaster met with a Taliban recruiter who described how he traveled with 14 other Pakistanis across the border into Afghanistan last summer to wage war against U.S. and Afghan government forces. "It's no problem at all to cross back and forth," the recruiter said.
So when will the liberal media start calling Quetta the "spiritual capital of the Taliban?"


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