Saturday, November 29, 2003

SHORTER VERSIONS: Summarizing the recent orgy of, well, idiocy.

Shorter Daniel Pipes: Surrender, Mohammedans. Give your Mohammedan women equal rights and we shall reward you Mohammedans with close scruttiny because of the faith you practice.

Shorter Mark Steyn: We should've invaded Iraq back in June of 2002, so we wouldn't have encountered the post-war mess we are encountering now. But the currently critical situation in Iraq, created by Jacques Chirac and the anti-war movement, really taught me a lesson: let's invade 5 more countries!

Shorter Tom Friedman: Look, I agree with the war but disagree with Bush. Why is the left protesting Bush? Can't they vindicate me and protest Bush at the same time?

Shorter Diane West: The censure of a report on anti-Semitism is a very bad thing, but two censured anti-Islamic books of bigotry will likely solve the problem.


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