Sunday, November 09, 2003

ROBERT SPENCER UNVEILED: Robert Spencer, anti-Islamic "expert" and author of books with titles as "Islam Unveiled" (in which he spends most of his time quoting Khomeini), has a blog up called "Jihad Watch" to wage his own jihad (or is it crusade?) against Islam. He wrote the following in response to President Bush's speech on democracy in Muslim countries:

[T]he problem with the states he mentioned [Turkey, Indonesia, Senegal, Albania, Niger, Sierra Leone], although each is quite different from the other, is that none of them are "Islamic democracies." .... All have stepped away from Sharia in varying degrees in order to establish, insofar as they have, democratic rule.
This, as convincing as it sounds, is not true. Sharia is practiced in Indonesia's family courts and in Aceh's criminal courts. Instead of moving away, Indonesia has moved towards Sharia. But you wouldn't learn that from Robert Spencer.

Islamic democracies are a new brand of democracy. There's no guarantee that they'll be pro-Western or liberal democracies as known in the West. That analogy--and I'm sure it's going to be made in the future--is a false one.


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