Wednesday, November 19, 2003

NO WHISKEY TODAY: Hey, look. Glenn Reynolds is using the "Democracy! Whiskey! Sexy!" line again. Yawn. How would that line hold up in, say, Afghanistan? It wouldn't.

The United Nations refugee agency announced Tuesday that it was temporarily pulling 30 foreign staff members out of large areas of southern and eastern Afghanistan and closing refugee reception centers in four provinces, officials said.
The poor French lady had told friends and family that if she'd die, she wanted to be buried in Afghanistan. And the fact that the U.N. Mine Action Centre has fled Ghazni too has somehow gone unmentioned. Most aid agencies fled some southern (mostly border) provinces, or at least districts of, some months ago, because of the Taliban resurgency.

Speaking of that, the New York Times quotes Administration officials fearing that the regurgency pose new threats to the stability. It's a shame that it took 'em 400 dead Afghan soldiers and police officers to realize it.

My question is and remains, of course, what it decides to about it. "Democracy! Whiskey! Sexy!" in Afghanistan? More like "Theocracy! Opium! Misogyny!" to me. (And credit for that line goes to Aziz Poonawalla.)

UPDATE: How paranoid can you get? Yesterday's Reuters quotes the Taliban spokesperson:
"Yes, we did that. Our guerrillas were involved in killing that Christian woman. We have confirmed information that most of the foreigners working in our country are American agents and have no sympathy for Afghanistan.

"We will not spare them," the Taliban spokesman said. "They are not doing anything for common Afghans but are preaching Christianity in Afghanistan or spying against the Taliban."
Fighthing evangelists? This guy is more delusional than Ann Coulter on a bad day.


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