Sunday, November 23, 2003

NO BIGOT BUT NOT FUNNY EITHER: Nathan Hamm responds to my post on Johnny Hart's cartoon. I won't put away the crack pipe just yet, but I still don't know whether it was a veiled attack on Muslims or a cartoon that simply wasn't funny and unworthy of being published in 1,600 newspapers. At least we can agree that he wasn't funny. I wouldn't even have noticed the stupid cartoon if it wasn't for the Post article and the “SLAM” between the first and second frame.

Changing subjects here. If you're bored, you should visit a blog called "Three-Toed Sloth" and read all the articles the author links to. The author also comments on the public reaction after the killing of U.N. worker that I wrote about a couple of days ago:

Hospitable, sentimental, vengeful, fundamentally decent but hopelessly, hopeless disorganized: that sounds like the Afghans I know.
Sounds about right.


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