Monday, November 17, 2003

A BITTER CLARK: I still haven't decided on which Presidentail candidate to back, but Kevin Drum notes this Fox News interview with Wesley Clark.

Fox: On Meet the Press you said the following: "President Bush has said [the war in Iraq] is the centerpiece for the war on terror. It isn't. It's a sideshow. It's simply their easiest means of access to attack American soldiers. That's all it is."

Do you really think Iraq is only a sideshow?

Clark: The war on terror is a terrible distraction. We should have gone directly after Osama bin Laden....We should be putting a full court press on finding Osama bin Laden....

Fox: While our men and women are dying in Iraq, is it proper to call it a sideshow?

Clark: Our men and women in Iraq are doing a fabulous job....Don't you dare twist word into disrespect for our men and women in uniform....You better take my words the right way....
A Democrat with a backbone--that's a first.


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