Tuesday, November 11, 2003

BIRD EYE'S VIEW: From the Afghan newspaper Ayina-e Zan

The text of the draft constitution of the country which is based on tenets of the holy religion of Islam, social justice, national sovereignty and democracy has been presented to the people after keeping them waiting for months.

What will be people's judgment about the text of the draft constitution is a separate issue, but the fact that the respectable Review Commission of the Constitution still says that the draft is not finalized and is asking for more views is a considerable issue.

How much have the members of the commission incorporated the views of the people in the existing draft? Although, the draft presents a law which is feasible in the current situation of Afghanistan, what will be the solution to differences between the president and the parliament once a parliament is formed and political parties are represented in it? This issue is vague and the draft constitution does not provide an answer to it. As long as fundamental rights and duties of citizens are concerned there are good articles about them and it is overall an appropriate law.

It merits a mention that due to a number of reasons this national document was handed over to the president secretly without holding a formal ceremony and in the absence of the Father of Nation (the former king Mohammad Zaher Shah), senior government officials and representatives of the diplomatic corps. What differences were brought to first draft after it was submitted to the head of state cannot be explained. But let us hope for the prosperity of the nation and welfare of the society. Otherwise, this national document will lose its quality and value and according to an analyst it will only be a piece of paper blackened.


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