Saturday, November 01, 2003

AFGHAN CONSTITUTION: The draft for the Afghan constitution is set to be released next week and I have received a copy. (It's in Dari; I yet have to receive an English translation of it.) A brief review of what I noted:

First, it has a far more Islamic tone to it than any of the previous consitutions. There are a couple of vague descriptions of religious freedom. What has to be noted is that Afghanistan has always been an moderately Islamic country, but its population has been subjected to severe Soviet mistreatment and the influence of the Taliban. It's almost inevitable to have small group of radicalized Afghans with large influence.

Secondly and last, the form of government seems to be modeled after the American system with a President and Vice President; and two parliaments. Rumor was that in the new system, the government would have a President, who would have a symbolic role, and a Prime Minister, who would actually rule the country.

Anyways, I'd rather wait until the draft is officialy released. Meanwhile, let's hope that a constitutional monarchy doesn't become any more popular than it already is.


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