Monday, October 13, 2003

OPPOSITION TO THE TURKS: The Iraqi Governing Council is the worst puppet-government. Ever.

Al-Hakim's three-day visit to Syria, which for a long time was a close ally of his group, comes a week after Israeli warplanes attacked a camp near Damascus that Israel claimed was a training center for the Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad. Syria denied the allegations and said Palestinian militants abandoned the camp years ago.

"Iraq and Syria, people and states, are brotherly, and their fate is the same. Therefore, we stand by their side," al-Hakim told reporters. "When there is an aggression against Syria, it is an aggression against Iraq." Asked if he considers attacks against U.S. troops to be terrorist acts, al-Hakim said, "We believe that many of these operations are terrorist acts because they target civilians, scholars, oil and water installations and public establishments. We consider these operations terrorist acts and increase instability in Iraq. They are harmful and are rejected by Iraqi people," he said.
You wanted democracy right? Democracy at work, ladies and gentleman.

As for Turkey, it's been an odd relationship. The Turks have been a longtime ally, ever since they entered NATO in 1952 and fought alongside us in the Korean War. We've developed and maintained several major military installations on Turkish bases. Although no American combat forces are based in Turkey, the air force uses less than half a dozen bases under NATO auspices for training exercises. The opposition to the Iraq war ran high, with more than 90% of the Turkish public. At the end, like a true democracy, the parliamentary couldn't get the support of the parliamentary to allow American troops to use Turkey as staging bases for the invasion of Iraq. This time around it was easier to get the Turks' support, but it didn't come easy. The cost? Around $850,000 per Turkish soldier.

We have two cases of democracy in the Middle-East--something the Bush administration allegedly waged this war for--in which both times they've acted against our interests. When one opposed it, the other supported it. When the other came through and supported us, the other opposed it. Gotta love democracy.


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