Thursday, October 30, 2003

LEWIS & WOOLSEY: The Wall Street Journal has a joint editorial by Bernard Lewis and James Woolsey with a plan to bring back the old Hashemite family to rule Iraq. Yes, Jordan and Iraq; one country ruled by the Hashemites, at the same time implementing the 1925 Constitution with minor changes. This, of course, is ridicilous. Iraqis hate Jordanians and most cetainly hate this idea. If you want excellent commentary on this story and a good laugh... read Abu Aardvark.

Where have you gone, Prince Hassan of Jordan, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you, ooh ooh oooh... What's that you say, Mr. Lewis and Mr. Woolsey, Joltin' Hassan was replaced at the last minute by his brother's son Abdullah and is now cooling his heels thinking big thoughts all day... hey, hey, hey.


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