Sunday, October 05, 2003

ISRAEL STRIKES SYRIA: In retaliation to the bombing of an Arab restaurant in Haifa, the Israeli air force targeted an alleged Islamic Jihad-trainings camp deep inside Syria. Sure, it does bring over the "Better listen or we'll blow the crap out of you!" point, but is Israel going to target foreign countries everytime there's a suicide bombing? Once is acceptable, but multiple times just escalates the situation. To put it simply: it was just reckless, but I do think it send a message. Will Syria learn its lesson? I'm sorry, but I don't see them cave to Israeli pressure. And Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman saying things like "it was as if bin laden would have asked for a Security Council meeting after 9/11" doesn't help either.

Doesn't mean I'm not confused by all of this. I thought Arafat was to blame. Don't tell me you didn't get that feeling over the past few weeks?

UPDATE: Brian Ulrich comments:

Everyone stop and consider the target of the recent terrorist attack in Haifa: a restaurant partially owned and frequented by Arabs in a city famous for its multicultural atmosphere. This was an assault on the peace process as surely as any of those timed to derail important initiatives or inflame tensions in sensitive areas. Not only that, but as they have before, the terrorists have shown they do not care if Arabs they consider collaborators are killed in their attacks. In this there is a warning.
Read the rest. (Not that I completely agree though.)


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