Tuesday, October 07, 2003

HITCHENS: Hitchens opposes abortion. Hitchens admires Two Live Crew. Hitchens supports Columbus's extermination of Native Americans. Hitchens wants to invade Iraq. Hitchens takes shots at dead people. Hitchens wants to invade Iran.

The man amazes me. Having sided with the late Edward Said for years, he now calls the neoconservatives of D.C. his comrades. And because of that--rushing so fast to the right--he gets more press and more publicity. But for Hitchens it's lucrative nonsense that he's peddling. It's not exactly a martyr's fate defecting from The Nation, a frills-free liberal magazine, to Atlantic Monthly, the well-heeled house organ of Zionist crazies. His credibility is also nearing zero, if not at zero already. I'm not an apologist for Turkish human rights abuses (to the contrary), but the fact remains that his former wife and mother of his children, Eleni Meleagrou, is a Greek who is employed by a Greek-American lobby. He hates Turkey for personal reasons. Period.

I could go on and complain for hours. Go on and read Hitchens wishing for bloodshed in Iran that, I think, will inevitably lead to a disastrous civil war between the conservative religious faction against the rest of the population. Here's a lesson from the newly liberated Iraq you visited: no matter how bad your government is, people will unite to repel foreign invaders. Most Iranians want to get rid of the current regime, but they'll be better off on their own.

In the meanwhile, I'm thinking about starting a petition urging Hitchens to serve in the Sunni Triangle.


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