Friday, October 03, 2003

GITMO: I haven't comment on the recent arrests of three Arab-Americans/Muslims at Guantanoamo Bay camp in Cuba, so here goes. I remain skeptical and will refrain from saying anything substantial on the suspects themselves until they are prosecuted and a verdict is known. I have no knowledge of military tribunals so don't expect anything from that angle.

Here is my take on it: Gitmo is a place full of dangerous people. And that's just the Americans serving there I'm talking about. (Hey, maybe they outed Plame because they thought she was another spy aiding the enemy, but she turned out to be on our side? Not plausible, but still.) Here are the facts surrounding the first suspect, Muslim US Army chaplain Youssef Yee: he's an alumni of the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences in Leesburg, Virginia (which is a couple of miles from here). It's one of the few institutes that's credentialed by the Pentagon to certify chaplains. The Pentagon is reviewing its ties to al-Qaeda and it's also Saudi-funded. The latter should've been reason enough to become suspicious if you ask me.


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