Friday, September 05, 2003

I'll be doing a weekly round-up of underreported news on Afghanistan, followed by brief comments.

  • Pashtun tribes on the Afghan-Pakistan border are providing arms to the re-emerging Taliban, the Daily Telegraph is reporting. In addition, rumors are that special forces are co-operatin with Pakistani troops in the Mohmand agency, which the Pakistanis entered for the first time last week. During the same week, Pakistani army officers were arrested who were allegedly co-operating with the Taliban.

  • Afghans are fed-up with the warlords, and are now working with the Taliban to get rid of them, the Associated Press is reporting. At least, that's what the Taliban--or whatever is left of it--is claiming: ''We know they don't like the Taliban, but they hate the looters and killers even more.''

  • E-Ariana has an interesting article on Afghan Supreme Court Chief Justice Maulavi Fazl Hadi Shinwari and President Bush's ironic statements. More irony: Shinwari is a Wahabi. Afghanistan is slowly returning to the Taliban-like attitudes, since moderates are being stifled by Islamic radicals and powerful warlords.


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