Monday, September 08, 2003

Andrew Sullivan writes:

The extra beauty of this strategy is that it creates a target for Islamist terrorists that is not Israel. A key objective of the current U.S. strategy is to show that Israel is not the fundamental cause of instability and mayhem in the Middle East - but a victim of the same kind of pathological religious extremism that has destroyed Iran, brutalized Afghanistan and blackmailed Saudi Arabia.
So would Mr. Sullivan rather have Iraqi Muslims die in Najaf and Baghdad rather than Israeli Jews in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv? Maybe, but that's not my point even though it's a disgusting thought.

The conflict of Israel has nothing to do with religious extremism. It does have to do with Palestinians and Israelis being killed, slaughtered, wounded, shot, bombed, kidnapped and ethnically cleansed. It has to do with elderly Jewish settlers beating up Palestinian kids. It has to do with Palestinians blowing up Jewish children. Israelis and Palestinians have brutalized and blackmailed each other; not "religious extremism." If Mr. Sullivan thinks that, he may want to talk to any Palestinian or Israeli.


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