Sunday, September 07, 2003

I don't usually comment on American politics, especially state-level. But the following caught my attention today:

California Gov. Gray Davis on Saturday took a dig at Republican gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger, telling one potential voter at a campaign stop that "you shouldn't be governor unless you can pronounce the name of the state."

And the Schwarzenegger campaign wants a formal apology.

In his public remarks to about 300 members of the Los Angeles Ironworkers Local 433, Davis suggested Schwarzenegger -- whom he referred to only as "the actor" -- would repeal Davis-backed union gains such as daily overtime pay and family-leave benefits, reported the Sacramento Bee.

"I've signed 300 bills to help working people," Davis said. "These are measures that strengthen your lives. Now my opponent, this actor, says 'I'm not going to ask for support from working people because they are a special interest.' He's got part of it right. You are special, and you have an important and special role to play in our future, and I am proud to stand with you."

Whipped into an anti-Schwarzenegger frenzy at the picnic, one crowd member screamed, "He's a foreigner!" as Davis criticized the Austrian-born Terminator, who hopes to take over his seat in the Oct. 7 recall election.

The man who made the foreigner comment later apologized to Davis for making the remark.

Davis told him not to worry, the Bee reported, and added with a smile, "You shouldn't be governor unless you can pronounce the name of the state," in an apparent reference to Schwarzenegger's Austrian accent.

Later at an Asian American rally against the recall in Alhambra, an appointee to the Workforce Investment Board suggested that Schwarzenegger's accent hindered his governing abilities.

"He can't even speak English well. How can he govern the state of California?" Sukhee Kang, who emigrated from South Korea in 1977, asked the crowd before Davis arrived, the Bee reported.
First of, my stand on re-call. I don't live in California, but I'm against the recall. The Republicans have been trying to subvert democracy, starting with the Lewinsky affair, than 2000 elections and this year's California recall. Blaming Gray Davis for the recall is stupid too, since he's not caused it. If you blame the California legislature, than I'd agree. Bushamante or Davis, I don't really care.

But what's up with this vicious attack? A couple of weeks ago, Davis said that "when Republicans can't win elections fair and square, they resort to this, I am going to fight this recall and the right-wing forces behind it." And I agred. His speech was great and he's incredibly charasmatic too, much like Clinton. I'm fine with Davis mocking Schwarznegger as "the actor" because that's what he is and that's the only reason a media-cult is following him in every step.

But Schwarznegger meets all the requirements and as long as he's an American citizen, he's not a foreigner. Does the fact that he wasn't born in America make him less electable than Davis in the eyes of honest voters? Absolutely not. Does the fact that he's a not a politican, but an actor make him less electable? Yes. Attack him on his incompetence. We, the Left, would be ganging up on any Republican doing this.


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