Friday, September 19, 2003

JUST SHOCKING: Some things just shock you. Rafiullah Habibi, known better as Rafi, has an Afghan store in Alexandria, Virginia. I ocassionaly buy something there, but my father visits the store far more often. He visited the store three weeks ago to buy some rice. Rafi wasn't there, so my father asked where he was. "On vacation," a family member behind the counter replied.

But it wasn't true. He was arrested in an alleged heroin ring, the Washington Post reported this past Tuesday. But that's not all. There's the thing not mentioned in the article: they are being suspected of funding, somehow, al-Qaeda.

I was shocked. Just stunned. We all know Rafi and he's a good man, or so we think. Not anti-American, racial or anything. We all know he was rich and that he made money off of dead Afghan artists, but who cared? The rumor that it was tied to al-Qaeda is a unsubstantiated one. Questions remain. But what if the rumor turns out to be true? Common criminal or terrorist supporter? How far was he involved? Did he know what he was doing? Nobody knows, but there's more than enough speculation. In the meanwhile, I'll be grilling my family-members for more information.


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