Friday, September 26, 2003

EDWARD SAID CONTINUED: To treat Edward Said solely, or even primarily, as a political figure is necessarily to produce a distorted view of his life. He is, first and foremost, a literary critic. Here is a man who advocated peaceful settlement, who had many, many Jewish friends and who wrote compassionately about Jewish deaths and the need for reconcilliation. And yet, because he supported full rights for Palestinians, and critiqued Zionism, and supported a secular state, and was a leftist, he is pilloried by the same people who claim to want to see a 'peaceful Palestinian'. The reality is that some people want submission, not debate. They want death of the enemy, not peace. The same people who claim that there's no such thing as a "Palestinian," claimed that he wasn't a "real" one. Garbage was written about his past which took three years to write and was debunked in less than three minutes. The hate expressed towards Said, on the blogs, are an honorbadge for Said. Rest in peace.

And back to regular blogging.

UPDATE: Said obituaries: The New York Times, Guardian, The Washington Post, Christopher Hitchens, Ahdaf Soueif and IE with many more. Among the bloggers: Aziz Poonawalla, Jonathan Edelstein and Bill Connolly.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Orientalist is #35 on Amazon.


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