Saturday, September 27, 2003

CLINTON-LOVIN' MUSLIMS: I didn't agree with some of Clinton's policies. But when it comes down to his personality and charisma: I really like the guy. Anyways, he recently traveled to Srebrenica to commemorate the massacre of 8,000 Muslim men and boys. Albanians see him, well, as a hero!

Thousands of Kosovo Albanians turned out to greet the man they see as their liberator from a decade of repression under then Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic. Schoolchildren got the day off and well-wishers waving the Star and Stripes thronged Pristina’s Bill Clinton Boulevard as his motorcade drove by.

Loud applause erupted when Clinton, while also preaching ethnic reconciliation with Serbs, gave what Kosovo Albanians may be keen to interpret as implicit support for their drive for complete independence from Serbia.

“I love this country,” he told a packed Pristina University hall in a speech which, like much of his visit, was broadcast live on television.

“I want to see you move toward self-government...,” he said after receiving an honorary doctorate. True to form, Clinton later worked the crowd waiting outside, shaking hands as NATO-led peacekeepers and U.N. police held people back.

Unlike many other predominantly Muslim places in the world, the United States is genuinely popular in this landlocked territory of two million, placed under U.N.-led administration in the summer of 1999 after NATO’s 11-week air war.

“There is a holiday in Kosovo today because Clinton is here,” said local journalist Blerta Foniqi, 20, as she waited for him to arrive. “He’s one of Kosovo’s most loved people,” said her colleague."
They don't like the Dutch though.


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