Wednesday, September 03, 2003

What happened to 'irrelevant', 'freedom fries' and 'cheese eating monkies'?

In an effort to win broader international support for U.S. policies in Iraq, President Bush decided yesterday to seek U.N. Security Council approval of a resolution granting the world body greater control over multinational peacekeeping forces and a role in forming a new Iraqi government, administration officials said.


The Pentagon insists that U.S. generals remain in command of the nearly 150,000 U.S. troops in Iraq, and the administration has been reluctant to grant much control to the world body over the shaping of Iraq's political system and economy.
I really hope the chocolate makers save our ass in Iraq, since we simply have failed at everything in post-war Iraq. There has been some complaining about the military efficiency of the United Nations in the past. But the only reason the Bush administration is calling on countries like Turkey, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is because it means more troops. And more troops in Iraq is good, since it moves towards providing more security in more places.

I'm fine with Turkey or Pakistan becoming involved in Iraq--or even France or Germany, but we must prevent one thing, which is not likely to happen anyways: keep out any of the Arab regimes. Everybody has an interest of creating a civil, democratic society in Iraq except them.

UPDATE: Wait. We want their money and troops, but not their authority? At least Poland was allowed to share oil with Halliburtion. Be sure to read Fareed Zakaria's latest. (And an excellent and hilarious State Department map.)


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