Sunday, August 17, 2003

The National Review editors did an great editorial on the "see-no-evil" policy towards the Saudis. The House of Saud is the primary source of terrorism. They both materially and spiritually create terrorism and their dangerous extremist sect of Islam called Wahhabism is being spread to moderate Islamic countries through mosques and institutions, who on their part create Taliban foot-soldier and the killers of Daniel Pearl. At the same time gives true Muslims and true Islam a bad image. They only tackle the issue of Saudi involvement in 9/11, though, but seriously go of course when they blame the wrong people when they write this unsubstantial paragraph

Why does the Bush administration treat the Saudis with kid gloves? Partly because of State Department Arabism, and State Department love-thy-enemy. Partly because of a misguided policy of Muslim outreach, which in practice reaches out to established, and corrupt, Muslim groups in this country. Partly because of inertia. The United States was allied with the Saudis in the Cold War and the first Gulf War; it is hard to see them now as weaselly or treacherous.
Frist of all, there is no involvement of State regarding any policy towards Saudi Arabia; it comes straight from the White House. How come they are blaming the State Department for of blocking any attempt to get the Saudis to stop funding terrorists. It's President Bush himself, who's father and neo-con friends have business ties to the Saudis (which ensure their retirement fund), that blocks any effort from Congress at attempting to uncover the truth.

Crown-prince Faisal met with Bush, not Powell. The Department of Treasury failed to give a list of Saudis investigated for terrorists links to Congressional GOP members; not the State Department. If they're accusing the State Department of siding with the enemy, will they have the cojones to accuse the President? Of course, not. Even though it is crystal-clear who's doing the appeasement.

Excellent point made? Check. Convinced? Check. The usual unnecessary idiotic absurd ranting paragraph included? Check. They never learn.


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