Monday, August 25, 2003

There is a way to stop anti-Western and anti-American terrorism, in my opinion. Democracy is the way. Regardless of the assertion that the people of the Middle-East prefer to live under the thumbs of despots, monarchs and zealots "because they hate the West", democracy is the way. Want US soldiers out of the holy land? Why would you blow yourself up to send this message--which gets lost in the explosion--when you could elect an official who would make it illegal and undo it? Want your government to stop doing business with the US because Americans are "Zionist pigs"? Why kill yourself and others when you can vote to stop the practice? Why do Middle-Eastern terrorist kill Westerners? Because they are forced to go to an extreme, when they're not given a voice. They simply can't make their voices heard any other way. To speak up in their own country would mean death. And, their national despot would cover up both the protests and the killings. Given the choice, I think people--all people--would rather vote than kill.


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