Thursday, August 14, 2003

Briefly commenting on yesterday's inhumane suicide bombings. People are focusing too much on the violence itself, while ignoring the environment and causes. Yes, terrorism must be addressed first and is the most important aspect to both the Israelis and Palestinians. But the targetting of Jewish settlers just points out what else needs to be addressed here. It's not a settlement-freeze that's needed; a complete removal of all illegal Jewish settlements is needed. It's the one sidedness of the United States on the issue, it's the claim of both parties to the same land, it's the occupation: it's everything. The lesson of Oslo is simple: real peace comes with real justice--to both sides. Both must enjoy freedom, their own state, and acceptance and recognition of each other's peoples. Whether it's a shopping mall or a crowded street, whether the target is Jew or Muslim; whether they're Palestinian or Israeli, it's not important: there's too much focus on violence. What needs to be addressed are the problems and causes of terrorism. Open your eyes and see that both people are suffering. Work against the suffering of both people and we will make process. Slowly, but surely.


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